trash tapes demo

by Dumpster Fashion

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i decided one day that i wanted to goof around with and writing words that rhyme. my main influences for this album were awkwafina, kreayshawn, MIA, azealia banks, earl sweatshirt, the millionaires, black flag, playtime posse, cake, and grimes.

i do not have a specific flow or a good one at that and this was my first attempt at rapping, so it's not the best. this is just something i did for fun. the tracks Trashboat and Clinky were the first two songs i did and they were pretty much just joking around goofy tracks. Vomit was the third track and thats when i wanted to be serious about it for a second.

i am going to be making a second album where every song is going to have a featured artist that is one of my friends. in Clinky, i say the names of some of the my friends who are going to be rapping.


released August 28, 2013

all songs recorded by rayne using her ipod touch
all songs edited using audacity
all songs beats made using



all rights reserved


rotten customer Kent, Ohio

digital punk artist from NE OH.

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Track Name: clinky
i've got tacobell swag, i've got black flag, i've got shopping bag, i've got trash swag, i've got nonstop rhymes bustin out my brain, i've got pizza and burritos and i'm gonig insane, i've got skate bitches on my left and right, winnin love by day, fightin evil by night, i might look rich but im sure as hell broke, broke down and spent my last bills on coke, my dad calls me and my friends hoodlums, that's right nerds we're the mutha fuckin chosen ones, big ginge, trash boat, lucifer, lil syd, lily g, and whatever my name is gonna be

we're skatin your streets
eating all your fuckin pizza
and stealing all the fuckin beets,
from the garden
i didnt steal these beets, i found em
by the way when i said coke i meant the soda
shouts outs to young breezy
Track Name: vomit
i wanna vomit not because im sick not because im dying not because i licked the bottom of a shoe covered in dog shit the bottom of the pool covered in fish tits the bottom of my soul covered in ticks the bottom of this table bubble gum sticks the bottom of the van garbage sits lets get to the bottom of this im sick and tired of not saying what i mean im sick and tired of being fucking mean im sick physically and mentally im sick wont someone help me can i go to the doctor please can i go to the bathroom please can i do anything without being a disease can i take your order please? one mother fuckin pepsi please
Track Name: trashboat
mutha fuckin dumpster fashion i'm passin the rich folk in the street, got their gucci high fashion my shit from underneath the trashcan, yeah, dumpster fashion, yeah, fuckin trashbags and condom wrappers for glamour, i never stammer, cause i'm the fuckin best, even got a brand new pin for my fuckin vest. what, yo, trashboat
Track Name: dreams
dreams, some are real but most are fake but most of all i cant tell when im sleepin or when im awake i wake up in the night and see a figure in the darkness heartless a carcass pardon me im just being honest
i dont know
i wish i could dream for once
what im doing isnt dreaming its watching a horror film starring everyone i love

i pray to a god i dont believe in that the dreams i have arent really how im feelings inside of my fucking head cause if it was then i'd want everyone i love dead or everyone i love mad at me instead
i dont know
i just want to dream of a field
a field of flowers rather than a field of things i can't stand to feel

i just wish i could take back certain things i said certain things regarding imparting something that i read on a fucking blogging website full of fucked up views, full of people who get a kick out of hurting others peoples feelings
i'm sorry, this isn't a pity party
Track Name: keekee
if you adopt a cat you better show them the world they way you'd show a little boy or a little girl or a little gender queer child cats can see when your being a jerk or when your being a cutie my cat likes it when i scratch behind his ears sometimes he kicks his leg and gets real weird but i know im just annoying him with over affection i know he hates it but he likes the attention so let me tell you something that pisses me off. now is the part where you have to listen to up. if you adopt a cat dont use him as accessory because he's a living breathing non-human human being